What would you rather be,a leader or a follower?

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However much we may all want to lead but not every one can be a leader.
Our strength and weakness are so different and ones ability to take responsibility is the major difference between a leader and a follower.

It doesn't mean that if one is a follower you have failed but always remember that the one leading you was once a follower who found their vision and created their own path.

I am so afraid of the dark.

So,the question is;what would you rather be?

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I like that first quote... It's true that everyone had to start once... and it's usually from the bottom... ;)

Actually, both sides have pros and cons... To be a leader requires more responsibility, charism, patience...

And to be a follower is good that you don't have to worry about some things that you have to as a leader...

I have absolutely no personality to lead but I'm pretty good at getting the job done, which is why I get along quite easily with lots of people. So yes to answer your question, I'm a follower.