What Is The Main Reason More People Do Not Use Hive As Their Preferred Social Media?

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Let's review some basic facts concerning the economic model of Hive from the user's point of view:

A) 65% of the token inflation is divided 50/50 between authors and curators (voters on content).

B) The token is given value to by altcoin traders who trade the HIVE cryptocurrency against Bitcoin on dozens of cryptocurrency exchanges around the world in hopes of gaining a more valuable position. 200 million HIVE out of 360 million in existence are liquid and a half of that liquid supply is on exchanges being traded mainly against BTC. None of those liquid coins have any control over the annual inflation, which is presently about 8% of the entire supply of 360 million HIVE.

If you spend hours every day having conversations among a group of friends of yours on social media, you might as well migrate those conversations over to Hive and earn tokens while you're doing the EXACT SAME THING as on some centralized corporate social media. You do not actually ever have to spend a single cent on buying HIVE because you can get an account and a small delegation for free from several different onboarding initiatives.

The cost of moving your conversations over to Hive is ZERO and the typical upside of doing so over the course of a few years ranges from hundreds to thousands of dollars at the current token price to potentially tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the how the entire cryptocurrency space develops.

The ONLY cost is losing time spent on a corporate social media platform while being bombarded with advertisements.

What I'm wondering is how anyone can argue with a straight face some corporate platform can be better unless your goal is to become a major social media influencer and reach hundreds of thousands or millions of people. Hive has a small number of users particularly relative to the money transacted here.

The conclusion is that it is totally incomprehensible that this thing has to be marketed at all. Most people spend their entire lives whining and bitching about how they're not being paid enough at work and how everything is so fucking expensive that they can't afford anything.

Since using Hive has an opportunity cost only, which is time lost on corporate social media platforms, it is fair to say that anyone who considers content creation on Hive as a pastime only and not a serious effort to make money is in a position to rake in tokens essentially for free with those tokens given value to by nice uncles called altcoin traders who will trade absolutely anything in hopes of earning more BTC.

Am I some sort of genetically superior specimen because I have perfect mental clarity as to what this thing is about? I think not.

Let me tell you that I haven't worked for a single coin I have earned on Steem or Hive. I've been having fun every fucking minute learning to operate the camera and to write better English. For some people that's work. Not for me. Pure enjoyment every second. I wouldn't have done it had it felt like work. I have a day job. That's enough work for me.

Is this the very crux of the problem? Is the problem that most people think this platform must be a scam because the value created by content creators and curators is much less than the compensation they receive? Remember this is about gaining access to an early adopter advantage. All those traders are like angel investors paying the piper - and they're content being completely silent! What the fuck? What kind of capitalists are those people??? They don't make any demands on you! Imagine that! If you try and earn as much on mainstream platforms you need to deal with icky stuff like marketing and basically being a dancing monkey for advertisers. When I look at mainstream social media influencers, I'm disgusted. None of these characters are real people. They're products, each and every one of them. Personal branding? Excuse me, I need to throw up. None of that shit exists on Hive.

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I guess creating accounts, managing wallets, understanding the economics and concepts of crypto could be some of the reasons why people don't use hive as their preferred social media. I wouldn't blame it all on just one cause, and if I were to do that I would say ease of us and accessibility. For the moment the very concept of Hive is new and it will take some time until facebookers and instagramers will ditch those platforms for this one.

It goes further than that. I tried to get some friends of mine I had been talking to online for more than a decade to join me on Steem a few years ago. The response I got was blank stares or complete nonsense. It was a real shocker. Like those people whose rationality I had never questioned had gone stark raving mad. Many of those people were computer scientists who would've had zero difficulty managing any of the complexities of Steem particularly with me showing them the ropes.

You hit the nail on the head as we like to say, meaning of course that you got it exactly right. For me For me, YouTube, Steem, then Hive have all been bits of fun. Yes I like to make money, who doesnt? Yet that is not my main motivation. I enjoy sharing my digital diary and getting rewarded is a nice bonus.

I will have to do a blog about this...

Thanks for the blog post! Read it and commented on it.