Which Social Media Platform Has Been The Easiest One For You To Make Money On?

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This long exposure of mine was part of a series I posted to a general Facebook group for people interested in the city of Tampere. It has about 35,000 members. My post got about 1,000 likes in the space of a few days. I wonder how easy it would've been to monetize it elsewhere.

I have never tried to monetize any of my social media profiles or channels except for my Steem and now Hive blogs. I did run a blog for many years on Blogspot but it never occurred to me to try and monetize it using Google Adsense, although I should've because it would've led me down the path of monetizing my social media experience much sooner.

A friend of mine whose blog and followed and who followed mine told me a couple of years ago that he made a few hundred dollars a year his blog on Blogspot. He never spent any time marketing it or trying to reach a wider audience. But he and a few other friends of mine were minor somebodies in the then small circle of Finnish language bloggers in the early 2000's when blogging was beginning to be a thing. One guy in the circle of people actively commenting on each other got interviewed by the press on several occasions and after he got a sociology degree he became well-known by commentators on various popular discussion forums. That guy sure was good at creating controversy in a good way. I don't know if he ever successfully monetized his blog but he could have because he had a fair number of readers.

It's been a while since I've taken any interest in mainstream blogging. Earlier this year I've started to look into it and it seems to me that the space has matured quite a bit. The most popular blogs whose authors are capable of supporting themselves by blogging seem to stick to a narrow theme be it financial or lifestyle blogging. They combine strong personal branding with catering to commercial partners. Their blogs tend to be very slick and professionally made and my impression is that these people tend to be on a tight leash when it comes to posting only the kind of material their sponsors or advertisers want to be associated with. Whenever imperfection is shown it too tends to be calculated and put there to as a way to spice things up.

Because of Hive being a public blockchain project powered by a cryptocurrency traded on major cryptocurrency exchanges content on Hive is very well monetized even without anyone here paying any attention to search engine optimization to increase visibility. The only people content here needs to please are stakeholders and mainly the largest stakeholders whose stakes continue to have value thanks to traders who trade HIVE against BTC on large exchanges. This is both a blessing and a curse. It's a blessing because as long as taxing altcoin traders through the Hive inflation pool is the only monetization method for authors and the whole platform, authors on Hive continue to have complete freedom of expression without suffering any financial penalty for voicing the wrong opinions in terms of mainstream acceptability. It's a curse because it's up to the stakeholders to build a connection between the rewards a piece of content earns and its impact on the Internet as a whole to grow the platform because no such natural connection exists - and that's a coordination problem.

If you've have experience monetizing your social media presence, would you say Steem/Hive have been easier to earn on than other platfroms or the other way around?

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I think STEEM/HIVE is a great way to earn crypto.

From 2008 to 2013 I earned a good amount of money blogging about dating, gaming, betting... all websites were MFA (made for Ads). Those were cool days!!!

Steemitri/Hivelander is doing ok... but I don't look too much at monetization now ;-)

Hugs from Switzerland
Hivelander The Immortal Mannequin

This is the first I have ever tried and it is going okay :)

Indeed, it seems. :)

Haven't you tried Medium once?

Hive and its so far so good