Ask The Hive || What's Your Top Three Favorite Social Media Except Hive And What Engagement Have You Undergo?

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Hello Hivers 💕 💞,

I was on a discord discussion few hours ago with an Hive Mentor and it was just like a fight throughout the discussion all because the discussion was surrounded by this same question on my post. We went on arguing for several hours but now I came here to throw the question at you.

What's your Top Three Favorite Social Media? What engagement have you undergo so far?

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My top 3 are : tik tok, facebook, whaleshares.
Tik tok is very entertaining and I engage a lot in the comments, Facebook is the site that I keep informed about national and global news, and whaleshares is my favorite crypto social media because I love the tipping system instead of upvotes. Unfortunately it hasn't many users yet but these few people that posts there are very kind and very helpful.