Being anonymous on the Hive blockchain. What benefits does Hive offer to these users apart from privacy?

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This amazing blockchain ecosystem allows us to be anonymous as a big stake holders, bloggers, curators and develop our most creative personality that could not show in the real world. What do you think about it?

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That resource constraint on users with 20 HP is a real pain in the rump.

I really liked the quality of the response you gave to my question. Hopefully a small delegation will power more information posts in the Ask Hive community.

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For the most part I like anonymity.

Your post specifically mentioned large stake holders; So, I assume a situation in which a large stake holder has several anonymous accounts. The danger of this structure is that the large stakeholder can use a legion of fake accounts to send false signals on the blockchain.

This stuff happens in the stock market. A corporate raider interested in taking over a company will start buying in small anonymous accounts to mask the upcoming raid.

So, I guess my answer is that like anonymity when it protects small players, but fear it when power players create anonymous accounts to send false signals.

The second category, of course, is really an act of fraud.

You're correct, I hope anonymity serves as a privacy for the users when no other way is possible.

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What I think about it? It is great!

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