What is your Favourite Hive Emoji?

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One of the reasons that Hive does not have an integrated app for chatting is due to the blockchain transactions are slow, and it is not necessary to record daily conversations. Besides, the discord app allows to the Hivers interact with all the communities efficiently. So, emojis can be used for a day-to-day chatting on discord servers of Hive communities.

Feel free to share us your favourite Hive emoji.

The Hive Professor

Image Credits:
This is a public domain image from Pexels and the Hive care emoji is shared by @themanualbot.

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A smile say it all...🙂 Keep it all the time and enjoy life.

This too for me.


Lol. The first one

I appreciate your support on this adventure, my only purpose is to help hivers around this ecosystem.

🤑 - I love this emoticon. But I'm not greedy at all, probably ...

Thank you for stepping by @cranium, it's a pleasure to bring some happiness to the Hive blockchain.


Революция так.gif

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