"10% of 100 upvotes or 100% of 10 upvotes", which one is more profitable while Curating??

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Considering, the first 5 Min of posting, which of the two option is more profitable?

Curation is important part in Hive community,it gives a good secondary source of income to curator, also allow to appreciate others work. But deciding the %age of voting does make a lot of difference. Most of the time I get confused, hope I get some solution today.



It depends on the posts you vote. Big votes on the big-payout posts will get you more curation rewards if you vote early enough.

But, enjoy the content. Curation reward is not a thing to worry about.

Pretty hard to decide upon the big post in first 5 Min ( except few well known authors). A lot of curation team going around and you never know on which you hit the bullseye with the curation.....no doubt content does matter while curating

I just try to spread the love around.

You are always best at it.... 💪

Almost all my upvotes are 100%. I usually don't split it into small percentages. I feel bad to make it small, especially when my vote value is not even worth $0.25.

But at 100% you may lose the RC very fast. And it takes another day or two to fully recover and getting back to curation, so that is a loss too...unable to get anything in return for a day is like sitting idle....

Nothing will happen to RC. With your level of HP, with 0.01% of RC you can do this all. Infact, I claim account tickets using RC. I have over 56 claimed accounts which can be used to create new HIVE accounts. I think I earn comparitovely high curation rewards as wel.

If I get to 89-90 of RC, it takes me another 10 hours to recover fully 100. If I go further less than, it may further take more time. So how higher percentage can only result in higher return

I'm not getting your point. Are you talking about Voting Mana?

As far as I observed your RC always remains 100% as you are not making use of it by claiming account tickets.

That's eighy...VM...and what is this account ticket ?

This thing. As of now I can create 57 accounts on Hive instantly without paying any fee. This token reserves you the right to create new account. I already have 5 more alt accounts.


How alt accounts are helpful and how new account creation can help

I usually read a lot of posts, now to give an upvote to everyone I cannot give 100%, so I try to keep it even like 25% to 40% depends on the number of posts I read.

That make sense, but to get high return and first 5 Min of curation , will it be 100 or 10?