Is it worth using long "Footers" on your post ? Instead use Hive logo for Hive Marketing.

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Looking at some of the post, I do wonder, what is more important, long footer or long post. Many a times I have noticed, that the Post Footer is bigger than Post Content. Pretty unusual sight considering readers are more interested in looking at the content rather than focussing on the footers.

(My friends foot, standing a lawn)

There are few users whose footers never comes to an end. You keep scrolling and you will keep going down to find the end of the page.

What are Blog Footer?

Footers on Hive are the signature that authors use at the end of their post. They make them quite attractive through flashing GIFs or other colourful photographs and Memes. ...Well well is a catch.!

Why authors are using photographs??

And that too in a modified and editted look that may easily pull anyone to Upvote. May be that is a secret way of pulling more rewards on the content.

A footer with name or some words that may defines you is enough or we need to learn from authors like @tarazkp and @gelankp. I am quite impressed with both the brothers who simply uses their name to sign off their content.

A Blog have three main section, Firstly the header. It must be short and precise that easily interest reader to look within.
Secondlly, the content, which is the most important part. It contains all the crux and details of the post.
Thirdly, the footer It is located at the very bottom of your post pages. Commonly blog footer content includes a copyright notice, a design credit, a menu, and social icons.

(My foot while sitting on my Sofa)

Why HIVE authors using footers ??

I assume authors wanted to add glamour on their post. That is why they design and develop some attractive way to bring an end of their content. Hopefully they belive that is way of adding beauty to the content and that how they get more audience and simultaneously more rewards.

In today life, everyone is easily attracted towards glamour and easily fell in trap of show off.

On my second opinion I think, earlier on Steem footers were used to relate with differrent community that one author is associated with. I remember, I personally using 4-5 footers once untill coming back to normalcy. It used to be kind of advertisement for the community.

But on Hive things are different. All the communities were open and anyone can pitch in to make their contribution. SoI belive different community footer has no relevance.

Still authors change their approach and started using own stylish photograph or flashing GIF to bring an end to their content.

(another one from Sofa,crazy foot lover)

Is Long Footer Good?

After stumbling upon many writers who were using a loong, footers I started wondering is to good to make footer more longer than the content.?

How often readers look at the long footer??

Seriously, I started ignoring such post, even though they have good content but looking at long footer I started to ignore the post. One can say, Last impression doesn't suits me well here.

Anyhow, may be I need to change my attitude and that why thought to bring up the question to Hive. May the good mind in you help me sort out my problem, or help me understand the thing better.

(Getting ready for a walk)

What Could be an Ideal Hive Footer?

Simple is best. Thanks to my parenting that I am still safe from falling into glamour traps. That is how I look at the things. More Simple,More Sober

A footer may simply have your name (account name), or may use something related with Hive.*

As authors are trending over Twitter with #posh, it is must be good for authors to make Hive a popular and common everywhere. Right now, we need to focus on promoting Hive, and any picture/ symbol or Hive logo at the end of content may prove to be a boon on Hive-promo. A direct way of Hive promotion.

(My Dad Foot with dressing)

My Take on Footer

Simply noone like to see a foot with dressing, it doesn't give a good nice feeling. Everyone loves to see a working foot same way with the end of the content. Do not get it messy by dressing it too much.

Well that is my way of thinking and people have different opinion about using long Footers on their post.

I do not see any benefit of using a long footer with photos and gif, instead make it count by way of Hive promotion which is actually need of the time.

Stay Home...Stay Safe!

Namaste @steemflow



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I never use footers on Hive, never did on Steem as well. Just distracts.
If the content doesn´t shine by itself...

That's true...I feel it quite unnecessary to make use of such thing...but user have no choice they going by make their content longer.

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Excellent illustrations! I don't like long footers either. I might have to make one myself in order to refer to various projects.

That's true long footer never gives a good pleasant look...kind of too much dressing...hope to see a better one which aligned with hive.

Great foot - i mean food for thought. Love your humourous picture additions here. Ive been thinking about my extreme footer obsession for a while. Love your HIVE India one!!! I wear them as i.adore all the communities I am part of. Xx