What will you do with the money saved during Lockdown ??

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Saving is the first thing we were taught to do. I remember piggy bank used to be favourite toys for many. Monetary savings does allow us to be safe during emergency / financial crisis.

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How will you save ??


So, whatever left after spending we keep them for future or in time of emergency. However, in process of spending we do sometime over spend on our luxuriez like going out in Restaurants, Watching Movies, Irrevelant Shopping, Clubs or bla bla..
This lockdown does allow us to remain at home and put restriction on all over spending. I don't see any extra expenses done on Movies, Shopping, Restaurants or anywhere else during last couple of months. (Atleast for me). Whatever is coming, is just spending up on our daily essentials. Or adding up the bank balances.

Hopefully, the things will be easing out sooner or later and everything will get back to normal. The moment we go out after lockdown, we have some extra bucks in our wallet/banks and definately we want to do things which were not done during lockdown. Having a bit nore balance than usual, we must want to do something more extra, more crazier but safely. Wondering on the question for good an hour, I thought to put of the question to our Hive community.

How will you going to spend your lockdown saving ??

Many would like to travel, many like to party, many like to spend again on luxury and many will some crazy things that they have not done in months. May be some will bring all saving into the crypto I personally use my saving in doing some electronic shopping (laptop/mobile) and few on clothing. I would love to travel but , not so soon after the deadly pandemic.

Hopefully , the question allows many user to express the unfulfilled dreams of the lockdown time. Share and get yourself relax with whatever crazy stuff you want to do.

Some Fun Facts

You know why a PIG is used for referring Piggy Bank ?? 🤔🤔

In the 15th century the metal was too costly that is why it is not used to make home utensils.At that time, housewives used an 'economical soil' called "piggy" instead of metal to make home utensils. These women used to keep their savings in piggy jars, so jar got known as piggy bank.


Stay Home...Stay Safe.. ??

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What money saved? Ordering takeout and online purchases is easier than ever. I would have loved to save some money hah.

Ohh i see...I was not aware that online services are still in business... Here it is completelly lockdown

Am planning to start a play station after this pandemic is over.

Wowow...wish you all the succes in your project


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I am going to invest for the future by buying the Stocks and then leave it for the emergency or for the future whenever I need it. We should also keep a check on your expense when the lockdown ends because we should live a simple life just like this lockdown.

Stocks...does that mean crypto ?? Obviously every penny counts and saving them does help in emergency....I belive many would be relying upon their saving during this pandemic..

Stocks with Crypto and Equities as well.

Unfortunately I haven't saved anything as I am living from savings but, thanks to Hive I don't have to spend too much of my savings. If were to have a constant income and savings I would definitely buy my a car after the lock down is over.

Many would have the same story. Infact many have lost their jobs in this lockdown...still many unwanted expenses have reduced over all ...People do love to own some luxury. ...and having a dream car is one of them.....let me tell u something interesting....while i was doing my Accountancy course our professor told us....car should be the last priority in anyone life..means the last wish to get fulfilled

Not a luxury one. Just a functional one.

I done mean that...but own a car is part of luxury...isn't ??

Not really...you can get some really cheap in here. I sold mine for $2,000 about three years ago.

I have been paying down debt and buying crypto. Paying down debt is no good for the economy, yet great for me. Buying crypto is also not so good for the fiat economy as it takes money out of circulation.

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Low debt more happiness that is the truth...though. Economy may utilise the money in different way....but ses you going have ood plan in hand with more crypto