Would you like to buy a cow?

in The Man Cavelast year

Today we are on the road, and got an opportunity to watch as some buyers tried to select some Cattle.


In this stable the cows for sale are separates. The four corners serve to divide the cattle for specific study of individuals.


I had to get a closer look at what these cattle men were doing! The metal structure of the establo allowed me to climb on top for a better photo.


There are some other cows, not sure if these ones are for sale. But they seem happy to not be in the establo.


We are hoping too continue soon tohe go survey a piece off land. But cows come first, the land will wait for any hour.

More updates to come!


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okay. this month we are also going to buy a cow.

They're really expensive in my country and to own a cattle farm like this, you need to have money at least. Nice pictures, they generally look healthy the cattles.

Nice looking cows. Those look healthy and good. Maybe you can buy some and start a cow coin even. Bala was asking me the other day about looking after an e- cow. Wonder if it would be possible.