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RE: American Elections 2020, Voter Fraud and Blockchain Technology

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If you could read my post, then my answer is we will vote against Biden and all that his election would represent to us ... As for Trump failing to be re-elected, that is of course possible. However, be wise in what you read and what you choose to believe. The press, across the face of the earth, can mostly be classified as your adversary. Many American people simply refuse to answer the questions of pollsters ...

My american senior @roleerob, Do you think Trump will succeed in reelection? Koreans think Trump will fail to reelect. I was surprised that Americans refused to answer the questions of pollsters.

The difference between these two words represents the essence of why this post was written. The consequences of my people's failure to grasp the importance of that difference is hard to overstate ...

Most Koreans don't know much about American republicanism and democracy. In particular, I don't know about the US election system and swing state.

Being very candid, this represents a lack of knowledge of American history. As well as likely being an indication of how much the current education system in Korea "mirrors" our own (to be crystal clear, that is not a compliment) ...

Most Koreans are interested in the history of the American Civil War. After the Civil War, the United States entered the Pacific Ocean and created the present Asia-Pacific world.
I think we need to talk to each other about American history.

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I wish you good health and longevity.