New Sketch and Inking for Design of quail and playing with Quail Chicks!

in Sketchbook6 months ago

Here is today's sketch for design


Sketching quail

to ink and colour for a future pattern on wallpaper and fabric

Here's a gif of sketch to inking


This is just a part of a process that will


be included in a background pattern and ultimately go in my latest piece , which I shared a sketch of yesterday, "Woman with a fox".


(let's hope the image shared again won't trigger the bots!)

And if you'd like to see this sketch happening or to see ADORABLE baby quail chicks

then check out today's post on my youtube channel. And while you are at it, why not subscribe to it as does seem to need to beg ;)

I hope all are having a wonderful day

and find a moment to be creative or, if you can, play with some wonderful animals!





Hehe quails are so rotund and adorable XD

and dumb lol ^_^;

I didn't realise they came in blue, how pretty :D

Haha, actually one of the colours you can get are 'blue' though like chickens 'blue' is slate grey. :) They are SO adoarble tho @ryivhnn and this is the first time I've ordered and hatched a mixed colour variety. I usually just hatch the traditional 'natural looking' brown italian variety, but I think I have some interesting colours in this batch so really excited to see them grow!

I'm curious to see the finished synthesis :)
Those baby quails look sooo cute!! 🐤

Me too @ruth-girl haha. It's always a journey for and with me. And as I'm taking the 'video journey' now I am finding that the steps of sketch, study, design, layout, plant, new painting, final painting and wallpaper/fabric is going to be one that will be a fun ride despite what I get when I reach the end.

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