Hello hive, pleased to be joining this new blockchain

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Good afternoon everyone , I’m Emmanuel by name and I’m an artist, ever since the corona virus pandemic began in my country and lockdown began, I have been thinking of what to do to earn and to keep my financial status stable during this pandemic, so why consulting some of the people I know who are mostly involved in online business platform, I happened to hear about a great blockchain for people like me, I then asked him for more details so he added me to a group chat where I would get to know everything about the Hive blockchain, so here I am today, with my first post on Hive , I’ve been adviced to join the Sketchbook community as I heard it’s a great place for artists and I’ve been informed of the appropriate tags. I am glad to be making my first post on this blockchain and in this community.


Above is a portrait of Naomi Osaka, a well known tennis player.
Done with pencil on alabaster paper.

Some pictures I took while drawing






Please try and stay home during this pandemic and I pray it ends soon


Amazing artwork @emmanuelbodeart, really the quality of the lights and shadows, the detail of the eyes and the skin are incredible. As a suggestion you could sign your works, people is very suspicious here and that would clear possible doubts.

I hope you success here, keep working like that. Your skill will be very appreciated without a doubt. Welcome to Hive!.

Yes , I do sign my works thank you so much

Woooow me encanta!!! 👍👍👍👍

Wow artwork like these always amaze me , nicely done !

You captured her beauty perfectly!