Little Girl Child

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Hello guys,
It's Monday again work has to begin. I hope you're having a great day. People never say 'Thank God It's Monday', we can all guess why. We humans we hate pressure and work. Except for those that do what they love for a living. And there are very few such people. Most people can't wait for Friday. And everybody goes like 'wow, Thank God It's Friday TGIF, welcome to the weekend'.

Today I bring you a drawing of a lovely little girl sucking or licking her finger. Quite adorable. I wonder why children like that. But sometimes it's cute to look at a nice looking child just feeling happy and sucking their finger. It's funny to me honestly. I personally like this drawing. I like her eyes and the beads on her neck. Let me not forget her attire. A lovely girl child indeed.

I made this drawing with a blue ballpoint pen. If you like this drawing kindly upvote, follow me, and reblog. Feel free to share your feelings about this drawing below. Love you guys. Up Sketchbook!!!




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