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Hello everyone,
I hope you having a great day. I want to share with you another of my drawings. Today, I decided do a portrait drawing of a beautiful girl. When I watch movies, browse, and even meet beautiful ladies, I take note of their features. This drawing is a product of my imagination, I put together different beautiful ladies facial features and created this beauty. I hope you like her face.

What I want to practice and improve on is my shading, thus I focused on the details of the face.

I made this drawing with HB, 2B, 5B pencils and a cotton bud. Let me take you through the step by step process -


The first thing I did was to make a sketch of the face. As I said, it was imaginative, so I took different features from different beautiful ladies I've seen and made this sketch. I made sure I got the proportions right at this point. If the proportions aren't right, then everything wouldn't just work.


I drew her eyes. Take note, when drawing a beautiful girl, the eyes are very key. You have to spend some good amount of time getting them right. You must focus on every detail. Hence, I took some time to draw her eyes


At this point, I started shading her nose. And as I mentioned above, I aimed at improving my shading, so I took my time to do her nose. For the shading, I made use of cotton bud to make it softer. You don't want your beautiful girl drawing to look harsh for viewers, so it's important to make it softer by using a cotton bud, or any way you can make the shadings mild to the eyes.


I also ensured that the shading showed the point of her nose. And I extended the shading to other parts of her face.


I continued shading her face. Making some parts darker, based on my imaginative light source. I continued shading until I was satisfied. I then shaded her lips, that's also very important to note when drawing a beautiful lady. You should concentrate on the lips and the eyes.


I was satisfied with her facial features, so I moved on to drawing her hair. I shaded gently. When drawing hair, you should ensure you create varying thickness in your shading. It should go from light, dark, then darker.



And I completed the drawing of her hair. I added shadings where necessary, to the eyes, lips and her neck as well, until I was satisfied.

I hope that you like this drawing. Thanks for viewing.


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