Daily Drawing Challenge: Day 15 - Mirror

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Hi everyone! Today I would like to share my entry for the daily drawing challenge day 15 with the theme "mirror". This is the first time I am joining this challenge but thought it would be a fun way to practice my drawing skills. The drawing depict a young girl with her reflection showing in the mirror. I will share the process below.

I start with a general sketch of the outline I will be drawing. I used a HB pencil for this.
I then go over this outline with various tones while also making sure the proportions are accurate. This step used softer pencils such as 6B, 5B & 3B.
Most of the girl is in shade with a few highlights. Therefore, in this step I needed to go over the tones much darker than they were before, I then used a blending stub to blend the tones for a nicer transition in skin tones. The reflection was a little tricky and involved rubbing out certain parts to align them with the features with the original face.
The final step involved making adjustments and adding small details that I originally missed. I used a standard rubber to create the highlights where the hair catches the light.
I increased the contrast slightly in the drawing to create this final image.
Done on A3 160 gsm paper over 3-4 hours.

Source image - Carolina by Allesio Albi

Thanks for checking out the post and would encourage you to try this daily drawing challenge that seems to be organised by @maxwellmarcusart & @firefly2020


- Ian,


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This is absolutely incredible. I love the way you made your contours. Also, the variation of light and shadow here are amazing.
Great piece you've done friend.
Thanks for entering.

Thanks man, I enjoyed drawing it aswell :)

Wow. Fantastic work.

Thanks :)

This is so creative.
The perspectives are awesome.


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Art plagiarism

Banned @iansart.

The drawing is my own, I can provide a reference image used?

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I have never used someone else's artwork as my own or stolen an identity. If I have used an image as reference I usually reference it however, the source is sometimes unknown. I forgot to do it for this post but have done now.

This is pretty cool
Can I join the challenge?

Yes, I'm sure you can!