Sharing My Caricature Drawing with Tips & Advice!

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Hello everyone, sharing with you today some of my caricature drawings with some tips and tricks in case you want to get started yourself!

The main trick with caricature drawing is to exaggerate the person's unique facial features compared to the average face and to minimize the other characteristics.

I learned this from a useful drawing channel on youtube called Proko. Check out his caricature playlist for more indepth detail on caricature drawings. Proko Playlist

Below is a caricature of the actor Christopher Walken. His main features I would say are his bold eyes and his high forehead with his slicked back hair. I therefore exaggerate these and make the other features smaller. I enlarge the eyes and make his slicked back hair extra long. I compress the overall head shape to further emphasize this.

When you first start the drawing you want to think about the overall head shape. Can you make it geometrically simple and exaggerate certain parts of it. Is the person's head more vertical than the average person or wider? This would then effect whether you draw a square, rectangle or oval. Sometimes they are quite neutral and in this case you would pick one. The key is to have some exaggeration but not too much to the point that it loses it's credibility. The other features of the face still need to work with it.

You can see in the image below at the top I am experimenting with head shapes before going into further details.

Putin's eyes are made smaller relative to his face and his head shape exaggerated.

Experimenting with different faces. If you are drawing older men's faces they sag with old age and this is a feature that can be exaggerated when drawing caricature's of them.

Here you can see the exaggeration is in a long and thin head which elongates his other facial features.

This is Howard from the show The Big Bang Theory. He has quite distinct hair so this has been exaggerated and emphasized as a key characteristic in him as well as some other facial features.

Here Abraham Lincon's face has been made more vertical exaggerating the length of his ears, nose and cheek bones.

Caricature can be quite a fun thing to do and would encourage you to try it out. Check out the playlist for more advice on how to do it. Learning caricature will also help in ordinary portrait drawing as it gives you more of a sense of what features make a person's face unique compared to the average face.

Thanks for checking the post out! :)


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These caricatures are awesome! I think the Whoopie Goldberg one is my favorite.

Thanks :)