Teaching eye painting with charcoal and brush technique

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Hello dear friends, I hope you are well.This eye was done with the charcoal and brush technique.I hope you like it.

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Art by @khodadadpoor.art


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You're welcome @khodadadpoor.art
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This looks amazing :O !



Excellent friend is too realistic

Thanks my friend.

that is beautiful. the video looked like it was made with a bunch photo compiled together, probably because you used lower frame rates. If the video is smoother its more fun to watch. also its very detailed so it must have took you long time to draw and the video could be little longer. Would love to see it that way.
just my thoughts from a viewer perspective who loves to watch timelapse videos....
i hope you share more....

This is such an amazinggggggg and lovelyyyyy drawing. I've seen a lot of your works in IG and Youtube, I never know you're a hiver too.

How amazing, it looked great on you! 😘