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Hey there!
This was freelance job I did last weekend, it was kinda low paid but well I decided to give it a shot and use the piece as a study for light and ambience, not so bad idea if you look at it...of course when the client started to ask for changes...I started to dislike the situation I told him that the budget was way too low to be bossing arround, if he kindly deposited more I would make the changes he wanted.

Sketching GIF

So yeah I started with this quick sketch for getting the idea of what to do and how lighting would play out, took around 10 or 15min it was really fun...loved doing that part! 🤩

Then the other part for the proper artwork, was a bit slow to start as I was undecided if doing the lineart in Photoshop or Illustratior, in the end I did a mix both, where I needed hard straight lines I used illustrator, the room and the balcony was draw there and then switched back to photoshop to draw the boy and extra details.

The client didn't like the first curtains I did so had to change them and add those windows I didn't like at all....probably you can tell because the quality wasn't that good 😬 and he got his version with windows but I then removed them for the version I kept to myself.

Technical Info:
Created with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator CC 2015
It was done in probably 4h spaced in 3 days

Original size 1500x1500px 300dpi

Initial Sketch

Click to see in full size

Creation Process GIF

Final Art

Click to see in full size

Creative Commons
- @melooo182


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Very moody :D and surprised he's not getting wet with the wind blowing that hard XD


Merci! ^_^

Really cool! I also really like the initial sketch for some reasons, its a whole different style by itself that also deserves a place on the podium!

Thank you Jules!! TBH I did enjoy more doing the initial sketch haha

It's an interesting piece. I can see the wind blowing the two curtains at the opposite sides as the boy stares.

I like the final piece and I hope your client was thrilled, as he should be.

👋 Hi @melooo182, I was flipping through the blockchain and stumbled on your work! You've been upvoted by Sketchbook / a community for design and creativity. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon.

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