My dad, my rock! (Daily Drawing Challenge day 6: Father's Love)

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This is a quick sketch of my dad and I at my convocation from Bowen University. This picture is probably my best ever with my dad as it depicts what he has always done for me, set me up for success!


He may have just been adjusting my tie but the image means a lot more to me, so when I saw the topic for day 6 of the #dailydrawingchallenge was "Father's love" I was quickly reminded of this image.


Fathers give their all to provide for their families and although they don't get much love, they deserve all the praise too. I love my dad and I'm grateful for all he has given and done for me.

If you still can, appreciate your dad today!



That is a nice one. Sacrifice of fathers cannot be explained in words.

Each of the persons posting under Daily Drawing Challenge have their own unique drawing styles and that is good for the challenge.

Good Day friend.

Thanks a lot! Glad you like it,! The daily drawing challenge is truly a great experience making and viewing beautiful art

100% agree with you.

I normally sketch/draw and color the faces of people or gods or someone, but the daily challenges with different types of objects or scenarios gives a chance to improve ourselves.

Really a sweet one there! Glad your dad showed up when it mattered most. Nice one bro.