A Ring With A Diamond 3D Renderings...

in hive-174301 •  last month  (edited)

Modeled a diamond a few days before...I want to make a ring using the stone and here it is. The ring is made with a tube by applying chamfering and turbosmooth modifier. The stone is kept in an arrangement that is modeled separately from a box and edited to get the shape and arrayed to hold the stone.

Rendered with two different environment maps and light settings...

I hope you like, Thank you...😀


ring with stone 0.jpg

ring with stone 1.jpg


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The second picture looks so realistic , excellent !

thank you ashwin...😀

That's great! Are you considering asking a pretty girl to marry you? 😅

thank you sthepany...🤣 do you believe any girl will marry me with a virtual ring...😂

Before you should ask the girl's father for her hand, currently some (I think it is more common in the movies than in real life) plan the perfect proposal with a pretty ring, all set in the perfect place. Why now could not be fashionable to ask for marriage through Hive perhaps with a nice 3D ring? the methods evolve, would be a boom for this comunity AHAHA xD

😂 you are so creative...

What renderer did you use? The caustic reflections look pretty cool.


Vray is awesome though i still haven't figured out caustics in it. Tye only way to hack a good light caustic is to use a non vray light in the scene. Maybe the latest vray is easier to control them.

😀 render setup ->GI -> Caustics 👍 tweak it, it works well...

I'll give it a few more tries but I'm having difficulties getting the index of refraction to make a nice looking caustic through glass... There's ways of getting a nice light pattern via just a standard 3ds max light pointed through the geometry to tweak the light shape exactly. This is what I've been using to get it tweaked a bit better.

you can try solidrocks plugin for vray, it will help you a lot in rendering...it will automate mostly everything needs for better rendering, try it. Lighting is a real challenge...