Apples and Juice...3D Rendering

in hive-174301 •  2 months ago 

Sure, they are apples, not tomatoes...😀 organically grown that's why they look like that. 😁

Everything in this scene is modeled with line and lathe commands except the glass handle. The handle is extruded from the polygon of the lathed glass body and it is bridged under. Apples applied edit poly modifiers and shaped, smoothness achieved with turbo smooth modifier.

apple and juice 1.png

apple and juice.png

Process in few shots


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Its great👏!

How you do this? With the help of computers?


with the computer, the program is 3D Studio Max...want to learn? there is a lot of tutorials on the net, just decide and follow any good channel according to your time. I am self-learned never gone to any institute nor asked anybody everything is from the internet.

Then you are doing great👏👍.

Amazing work👏

thank you, I am a noob, trying to do things better.😀

Okay but great trying😅


thank you, friend...have a great day 😀

You welcome ☺

I have an apple tree, and those do look something like what REAL apples, without wax, sometimes come out like ... red delicious apples are actually red speckled with green and gold!

Apples and ginger tea ... save some for me ...

🙂 you are awesome...always, thank you...

That process GIF is amazing, and the final picture is flawless...perfect.

thank you...😀