Axe 3D Model and Rendered Images...

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Modeling an axe, I chose box modeling to do this. Without any reference the things came out on its way. Pushing and pulling vertices, scaling them, and extruding the polygons with symmetry modifier gave an axe like this. Turbosmooth modifier added to get a smooth result.

There are only one light and three cameras for different views to get rendered. No postproduction editing was done to all these images, all are as it is from the software 3Ds Max render output.



I was absent for a few days and I was missing out on very good things like this ax.

😁 Welcome back, why absent gone to hills?

Longing to climb those hills we are still in quarantine and Coronavirus cases in this second wave have increased somewhat.

Aweee. The beauty of 3D Max Rendering. damnnn, I can't imagine my designs if I have it worked using 3D Max. :D

😀 thank you, friend ...just export to Max and render there...