Football 3D Model...

in hive-174301 •  2 months ago 

Modelled a football and rendered in two different environments. One is with a plain background and another composed into a stadium background. The stadium background hdri image is downloaded from where all the stuff is free to download and use.


stadium jpeg.jpg

Started with a Hedra and adjusted its parameters to get the shapes in a correct size. Edges applied split and tesselate modifier applied then spherify modifier added, the polygons extruded a little then applied meshsmooth modifier. Multisubobject material with two IDs containing white and black leather material applied, only one light. For the stadium scene, the plane with camera map modifier is placed in the scene with matte shadow material.


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Great work. Good to see your improvement. Your hard work is reflected through your work.

thanks a lot ... a long way to go...😀