HIVE Inhaler 3D Renderings...

in hive-174301 •  2 months ago 

Yesterday I bought an inhaler to support me in my quit smoking exercises 😜 I sudden flash told me to model the inhaler with Hive logo... and done. This is called HIVE inhaler. I modeled with separate geometry and put them together because we are not going to model inside. Not to scale just judged with my eyes and modeled, as usual, single light. The logo is taken from the web and remaining things done in photoshop.


inhaler 1.png

inhaler 2.png


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Witty ...

I hope you can quit smoking🙋

😣 in this lockdown period if failed 3 attempts...this is fourth 😭

When I smoked, I reflected and said; What is the rival of nicotine? Chocolate and endorphin production.

So I ate chocolate without remorse and did exercises (production of endorphins) that time I fell in love with my mountain she ended with the habit of smoking.

Do you do designs for 3D printing? This looks awesome.

thank you so much, your ID is unique 😀. I am not into 3D printing
secret.jpg I never saw a 3D printer directly...😬

Its looking Great👍:)