Time Machine 3D Model Renderings in Real Locations..

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Time machine, I made one and traveled but it is not moving to the past or future, it goes anywhere on the earth. I have to do more work to make possible time traveling.

3D model rendered in real locations.
I traveled to many places and shared some interesting locations with you, friends.

Landed in front of a building, unnoticed by anyone. Just arranged the lighting to match the background...👇
Ground time machine.jpg

Landed on a lake ...this time machine can float in water too... The reflection in the water is added in photoshop.👇
water time machine1.jpg

Landed on a path... nice and cool climate.👇
shore time machine.jpg

view 5.png

view 3.png

view 4.png

view one.png

view two.png



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thank you...😀

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I love this one, time machines and all sci-fi stuff fascinates me !

thank you...😀🙋‍♂