Help me find the colors for a new logo of my new Hive project

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Hello Hive community, or shall I say Hello Hiveonauts :)

I've been working on a new project that will hopefully be announced very soon. As you can see in the logo, the name of the project will be HIVE HODLONAUTS. That's all I will reveal just because I need a bit of help/suggestions about the colors of this logo.

I believe I am done with objects of the logo so all that remains is to color it. And that's where you can jump in!

Variations of the logo:

HiveHodlonautsLOGO 1.png

HiveHodlonautsLOGO 2.png

HiveHodlonautsLOGO 3.png

HiveHodlonautsLOGO 4.png

HiveHodlonautsLOGO 6.png

HiveHodlonautsLOGO 5.png

EDIT: Check out the comments below, we got few more variations.

Please, check out all the variations and feel free to suggest another color palette. I will also ask my FB friends (2k+) about their opinion to have bigger feedback on this.

I am also playing with strokes. You can see in the last logo that strokes are uniformed, not like on other ones where are kinda distorted. Feel free to suggest should I use uniformed or distorted strokes, even tho' that's a smaller issue here. The colors are what is important :D

Thanks a lot for helping me, I will consider every input and hopefully decide on the best one!

Peace yo,

Mr. Spacely


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Disiz not a chjoke!


I like version 6 most, but i think maybe you should have the inner color of the outer ring in white or the light grey of the moon. Maybe an almost white background for the ring with gray transition and blue border is even better.

What a cool logo idea! Reminds me on the NASA Patches. 😄✌

Thanks for the input! Hehe it really does look like NASA patch :D


I think that I kinda like this one. hmmm :)

Maybe an almost white background for the ring with gray transition and blue border is even better

I didn't understand this part. Do you mean outer ring to be like the one in the 1st logo but with blue border?

I didn't understand this part. Do you mean outer ring to be like the one in the 1st logo but with blue border?

Yes, but only more white.


Like this? Looks interesting. I might play with it a bit and see what it looks like. Thanks!

Thanks for trying. I think the grey transition doesn't fit and it should be clean white. It should stand out more on a transparent background. It was just an idea. Don't worry too much about my opinion. 😅

Compared with the other ones I still like 6. most.

No worries, I'm not worrying xD But I also like it. I changed colors of the stars and it looks a bit better.


I want this transition to stay because it gives a bit of 3D feeling, but I made it a bit lighter :)

All I know for sure, it will be a tough choice to choose which one to use!

I really appreciate this version!!

I'm for version 5

Thanks for the input man. I think I also prefer this one.

I think the first one is the best, but I would be curious to see a version with "HIVE HODLONAUTS" in the same dark blue of the sky and with a white shadow behind!

Thanks for the input and suggestions. I will create it now and reply soon ;)


I believe I need to add more white then but I don't want to move these red-orange edges in the middle. Whatcha think?

maybe the text all white? I don't know

<3 you're welcome

The one with gray is the easiest to read. I’d go with that one.
Cool logo btw!

The last one is good too.
I'm a blue fanatic and that one looks the best outside of the gray one.

Thanks for your input! Yap, the last one is a bit harder to read, but colors are kinda better so it will be hard to decide :)

I like the last one most...its dope! Dyu plan to put somn in the middle?

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Thanks for your input. I think I will create bigger stars, smth like this:


I like the first version. Grey seems like a calming colour. Blue versions remind me of casino roulettes😂

Thanks for the input! haha, don't go there too often :P

I just created this with a help in the comments. Do you like this one better?


Yeah, I would prefer this color to the previous one.😃

I kinda like this one the most :D Thanks a lot man!