Amazing Nature: Common Field Grasshopper

in OCD2 months ago

This leaping insect seemed to have a good time on the leaf. Seeing it calm, I managed to get closer focus on its head. A common field grasshopper that is nicknamed as plant-eater which also becomes a serious pest of cereal, vegetables, and pasture. Here, I am not talking about how they bring a problem to the plants, but I prefer to expose its look from the closer range which I believe, it has something that deserves to be noticed. Look at its beautiful eyes, and the smooth brown color covers the whole its body.. That is the reason why I loved dealing with this insect. Grasshopper, are typically ground-dwelling insects with powerful hind legs that allow them to escape from threats by leaping vigorously. So, here are the pictures of common field grasshopper that I took with DSLR a few days ago somewhere around the bushes in my neighborhood.






CameraNikon D7000
CategoryNature Photography

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