Wild Plant Series: The Beauty Comes From the Unknown

in OCD3 months ago

If you ask me, which plant do you like to shoot? Then I straightly answer the wild plants. Plant that is well treated like a garden flower or any plants that need human touch have become a common plant that is easy to find. We can go to our friend's garden or even we can have them in our garden and take their images as many as we like, but it does not always work with the wild plant. Indeed, we can shoot them freely but the way we find them, we need time and strenght. We have to hike the mountain and going thru the wood or bushes with the mosquitoes sorround us, and wild animals like a snake may attack us at any time. I love this challenge because soon I found such this plant my effort was paid off. Another reason, they grow wildly which are only beautified by nature. One thing I hate to say is, I am not coming up with the names of these plants even I spent sometimes looking them up, I still cant find the right ones. So, enjoy the beauty that comes from the unknown.





CameraNikon D7000
CategoryNature Photography

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