76 million HIVE not being dropped on Steem/Hive accounts

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Just a quick one as I've seen the list of Steem accounts who will not be dropped Hive tokens. Excluding the already Soft-forked accounts, approximately 32017233862 VESTS / 16,348,191 SP is held in the accounts listed on this post:


And including the Steem related accounts already excluded, there is a total of 150146146162 VESTS / 76,665,523 SP not receiving HIVE tokens.

source - pixabay

I read that these tokens will be moved to the SPS, or DAO, or HPS / HPF for safe keeping, for now.

Looking at the list in the post linked above, the excluded 'normal' accounts seem to be a list of those voting from the Tron sock-puppet witnesses. Unfortunately, due to the nationalities of those siding with Sun, this has been labeled 'ethnic cleansing'. There are however some accounts on the list which I don't believe are owned by asian communities members, and @roelandp states in a reply:

Consensus in the Hive group decided the specific rulesets for this INITIAL airdrop. You can find the rules for the ruleset in the code of 23.0 which you are already stating in this article.

And @lukestokes:

This isn't about race at all, it's about those who chose to attack Steem and made it clear by their actions they are not interested in what Hive represents (decentralization).

That said, I didn't agree with the criteria used or the subjective method for how it was determined. I understand the perspective of those who came up with it, but I would have preferred to just exclude the Steemit ninja-mined stake just as v0.22.2 did.

Fortunately, it seems that there is an olive branch being offered, as @roelandp suggests:

I want to let you know that the case for "forgiveness" is very much alive. We all make mistakes.

You are very welcome to start a Proposal .... to unlock those funds.

Personally, I'm a little saddened to see 'steemchiller' on the list, and would love to see 'Hiveworld' make an appearance at some point.

Ok, time to fire up the work laptop - day 3 of ? at home for me.

Good luck all!



Vader has spoken. I think the Hive team will be more negotiable than him though....

Ouch, steemchiller. That is a shame.

This exlusion list literally kills all my enthusiasm for Hive.

I think they should have only excluded the Steemit et al stakes. In a free association blockchain people should be able to vote for whoever they want and not face sanction as great as this.

I will miss steemworld, and now there will be no hiveworld I suppose. That does suck.

Just now I commented to steemchiller, he must come and be on HIVE. And no one stops him to be on both sides as well, if he chooses that path. There would be some people who would still like to be on the steem world, and that should ideally be fine and not impact the hive world.

Fortunately, the people on that list all get to keep their Steem and so does Justin. They got exactly what they wished for. I also hope Steemchiller comes around and makes a decent proposal, perhaps a little more diplomatic than his most recent post.

I think it's the people who were supporting Steemit for the money that are doomed (record of greedy actions / selfvoting beforehand). I've seen a few of them claim it was a mistake. :|

I read that these tokens will be moved to the SPS, or DAO, or HPS / HPF for safe keeping, for now.

I heard about the new feature for Hive theyre cooking, HDF (Hive Development Fund) if I'm not mistaken. I think its synonymous to SPS, Im not quite sure though.

Concerns about the witness cabal freezing accounts based on questionable subjective reasons seem to be justified. Who will be the next to have their funds frozen on Hive, and for what reason? There does not seem to be a clear ethical principles involved, just emotional reactions and madness of the crowd. It is a shame there is currently no option for a community that respects both private property and freedom of speech from the two options we have created.

I think social media should be flexible as far as political opinion, our best use case is for people to come here to have fun while remaining respectful of each other. For that reason I hope the HPS is used to fix the situation promptly.

I saw some good people on that list as well... I think that the extended exclusion list was something that was carried through with more vengeance and righteous zeal rather than clear considered thought. It really put a huge dampener on what I think about HIVE...