The forces that seek to control us...

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There's been a very subliminal quest to control the masses throughout my relatively short lifetime. As I do progress in 'age' it becomes more and more obvious. These evil people are not even trying to hide it anymore.

I grew up without a father and I believe it impacted me greatly. I had a desire to fit in and a desire to be liked. I was easily influenced and persuaded. Not to say I'm totally a changed and enlightened man now, but I am in a better place I believe. The government and society and entertainment as a whole basically removed the importance of a father and I do believe my life was impacted by that movement.

There was honestly a time where I thought being conservative was like a forgotten art or something, the left has done a wickedly good job at brainwashing I swear. Like it just felt like being Republican was fading away when it was imply propoganda.

The amount of hate for normal American values and normal anything is clear and alarming.

There is a serious problem in society man. Tattooing your face or identifying as a fairy princess are considered more than normal, it almost feels mandatory in some messed up way. Wacky stuff must be done to appear 'normal' or even respected.

Normal values of right and wrong have become taboo and strange and hated.

It's become so obvious that it's comical, almost. At first I think, are people being sarcastic or just petty? But no it's real hate out here for like traditional values of any sort. Common sense values.

Nobody has patience anymore. Nobody thinks about the other point of views about anything. Mainstream society wants to force people to think a certain way.

What happens if they were to hypothetically get their way? What will political debates look like if these lefties were to actually create a lefty society?

Would they debate gay vs transsexuals' laws? What would be the topic of certain debates, honestly? Do they think it would be a wonderful wonderland of aborting babies and doing legalized hard drugs and zero police with homes with no guns to protect themselves? Marriage would be a fairy tale? Does anyone see my point?

I genuinely don't care about restricting rights to anyone that's kind of my point. But the left simply wants to shut down any right wing person's argument before that side's point is even uttered.

I fail to see a major difference between China and America nowadays. The sheer insanity right now is just dumb and more than alarming.

  • Banning Trump on every single social media
  • Banning Conservatives on every single social media
  • Forcing this shady vaccine
  • Shutting down businesses
  • Retarded stimulus bill that payed billions overseas

I could list off so much more.

This crap is straight of the communist playbook. I learned about this sort of crap in Civics class in 8th grade. This is not supposed to happen in America.

What is actually going on, is anyone else panicking, just a little?

How can the left just GO OFF about what happened in D.C. but have the audacity to ignore what happened all summer with BLM?

I know I'm getting caught up in this bull and there are certain people that want me to get mad, but whatever man. I am just flexing my right to freedom of speech.

Hive might be our last hope. I'd like to think I can't be muted here.


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