Bodies returned to the grave

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I heard the event from the granddad of a mate of mine. The name is Rafiq. He lived in America. He got acquainted with a Bengali from America. The two returned to the country together. That friend's name is Emon. Emon got hitched a couple of days in the wake of returning to the country. He invited his granddad to the wedding. Their home is in Rangpur. Mother went to Rangpur two days before the wedding. Emon was yellow upon the nearness of the event. A young from the going with house passed on upon the nearness of yellowing. The young was Emon's cousin. So after such an event, everyone disengaged. The marriage was conceded for two days. The internment front of the youthful was done that night. Around night time, everyone including Dada and Emon are sitting in the grass talking.

Subject: Sudden going of the juvenile. So at one point a person from the nuclear family watched something moving under a call tree. Seeing to some degree better, the adolescent in the white spread is standing. Horrendous things happen when everyone sees this event. Not just one. Doa Durood started talking about at home. By somehow everyone experienced the night together.

The next morning, during the Fajr petitions, Emon's father went to call for washing. He saw the youthful in a for all intents and purposes indistinguishable spot basically by then. The issue has all the stores of being exceptionally disturbing to him. He didn't envision that something on an exceptionally fundamental level proportionate to ought to happen in the basic segment of the day. He evaluated the scene with the imam of the mosque. Imam Sahib referenced to get the body from the adolescent from the grave. In the wake of expelling the body from the grave, Imam Sahib taught the women with respect to the house to assess the young's body once. So everyone checked whether there was anything fierce in the immature's body. After an average look, it was seen that the young had applied nail clean down on the ground while dressing for as far as possible. Some bit of it was stuck in one of the toenails. The pre-adult didn't have to perceive the grave as there was no water during the shower. Later the body was washed again. In like manner, is perfectly ensured about. Starting there ahead, the soul of the young suffer and no one could call. Dada further said that even today, the sound of crying can be gotten notice from the get the night. In any case, it's unrealistic for anyone to see the young's soul drive forward.