Ladybug: beetle that has copulation desire with high intensity

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Hey everyone! Hive has been going down in price lately, but don't let our enthusiasm for creating content also drop. So, keep up!

By the way, today I want to show you a macro image of a wave striped ladybug (Cheilomenes sexmaculata) that I found the other day. The ladybug is a small, beautiful insect that has a shield like a turtle shell. These insects live in grass or weed plants. Ladybug is a type of beetle that has a habit of high-intensity copulation. Whenever I go out hunting for insect photography, I often see mating ladybugs.





CameraXiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro + Macro Lens
ProcessedAdobe Lightroom
LocationLhokseumawe, Aceh, Indonesia
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