Just 5 minutes a day can reduce your excess fat.

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Excess fat is not good for the body at all. If there is excess fat in the body, it must be reduced. Because of this excess fat causes many diseases in the body.
From addictive party picnic to junk food addiction is the cause of this fat increase in home. Many people can not exercise because of busyness. As a result, excess fat is accumulated.
But just 5 minutes a day can reduce your excess fat.
1Fold your knees as you sit in a chair, keeping your waist and back straight.
2.As you stand, stretch your hands in front of each other. Thus, practice for five minutes every day.Benefits
3.Strengthens the muscles of the waist and legs.
4.Exercise this amount of fat drops more than the amount of calories burned in the walkway.
5.This exercise for a long time eliminates muscle tension, pain in the knee.
৪. In addition to increasing muscle mass, it is much easier to control growth and mass.
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