Beautiful sublime Sunday around Eglisau

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I hope you are all well and have a beautiful day. Between a green vineyards and bordering the Rhine is Eglisau, very charming village in the Zürcher Unterland, Switzerland. The Rhine winds its way through the middle of the village and creates a fairytale landscape.


In many countries, it has been possible to reduce the average number of people infected by Covid 19 pandemic. That is why we allowed us a little excursion after the Lockdawn.


Here a view from the stone bridge over the Rhine with a lenght of 130 m to the railway bridge a single-track railway bridge over the Rhine, built between 1895 and 1897 for 980,000 Swiss francs. The bridge has a total length of 457 metres and a height of 50 metres above the river.


The Reformed Town Church of Eglisau

whis an sundial.

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Thank you for coming by, have a Pleasant Day everyone!


Cannot image how difficult it is to build that bridge in the olden days.

oh yeah very difficult, Many thanks!

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I am glad :), Many thanks! !BEER

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Many thanks, then I still have to collect :)

Very beautiful! Where are all the people?!

There were not many on the road in the morning, Thanks a lot!

@almi the pictures are lovely and most especially the water body and the bridge.

Many thanks!

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Thanks a lot!

You are very welcome @almi 😉
cheers, liz

How picturesque are the facades of the buildings. Wonderful place, like everything in Switzerland.

Thanks a lot!

I cycle there a lot.

Wonderful, many thanks!