Challenge - Stay home, share 3 travel photos - Venice a magic Island

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I hope you are all well and have a nice day at home or getting back to work.
A great challenge that makes me search for memories and to participate, « Stay at home and share 3 photos of your travels » created by @psos Many Thanks!



In Venice, there are approximately 56.000 people living, additionally, in the former times, there were approximately twice as many tourists. The typical gondolieri and gondolas belong to Venice.

In Venedig leben etwa 56.000 Menschen, dazu sind früher noch etwa doppelt so viele Touristen dazugekommen. Die typischen Gondolieri und Gondeln gehören zu Venedig.

Thank you for coming by, have a Pleasant Day and stay safe everyone!

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How nice! Venice! I wish I had visited this city a long time ago.
Now traveling is going to be very difficult.