I have just Power Up

in hive-174578 •  2 months ago  (edited)

I have just Power Up all my liquid HIVE today, it is not to much but interesting how I got it. I believe in this powerful community.

power up.png

Also today I got 832,141 HIVE from Bittrex,

power up 2.png

with the support of my son I transferred 520.946 + 30.761 = 551,707 hives to Bitrex, 12- 14 Day ago, enjoyable I have 280,434 more Hives back today, thank you very much!

power up 4.png

power up 3.png

It's not just about the money or power , it's very great to be a very little part of such a wonderful community like HIVE, especially in a time when there is so much uncertainty all over the world. I will certainly continue to add in the future.


Thank you for coming by, have a Pleasant Weekend and stay safe everyone!

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Congratulations! Very good decision!

Thank you very much!

I think it is a nice amount of Hive!!

You are right,many thanks I wish you a nice weekend!