Some views from the Berne Historical Museum

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The Berne Historical Museum is one of the most important museums of cultural history in Switzerland, its collections on history, archaeology and ethnography include approximately 500,000 objects. From the Stone Age to the present and from cultures of all continents.



The British James Cook made three great expeditions. The exhibition in Bern is dedicated to his life.First voyage between 1768-1771 with "Endeavour".
Although J. Cook had never commanded a ship before, he was chosen to discover the "Terra australis incognita" in the Indian or Pacific Ocean.

Amphorae from Spain.

Earth goddess in Mexico,La Puente, pre-Columbian

Portable medical case, Zürich 1675. The elaborately decorated case ilustrates the medical knowlege of the day.¨

Richly ornamented Judges baton, Bern 17-18th century. They were symbols of judicialauthority.

The traces of Queen Agnes lead to Vienna, Hungary, Venice and Königsfelden. Her royal wedding present, the gem-set diptych, is one of the highlights of the Bern collection.

Evidence of these past cultures.

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