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in hive-174578 •  3 months ago 

Surprisingly not really turns out I miss taking moto bikes when traveling within town and sometimes even further. The fresh breeze, the cruising right through traffic and the cheapness being my favorite part, I miss it all.

Oldish screenshot of pic of mine being edited on appics.

Well on the plus side, hypothetically, I should be doing more walking on the few occasions I make moves in these lockdown days but unfortunately, either I have to walk to a very nearby location so the count doesn't really matter or, I have to go too far and don't have the luxury of walking the whole distance hence I have to take a taxi bus.

Sure they're cheaper than bikes but they are slower, less flexible and often times very hot inside although much less now due to the social distancing thing. I gotta give it to taxi buses though, I don't have to worry about combing my hair once I get off them. Yes, I went there, it can get really tiresome once you've taken like 4 moto trips in an afternoon.

I still freakin miss them though. If I wasn't so cheap I'd rent one once they're allowed in town again and just cruise the city until sunlight or the bike driver gets tired of me and bans me from his 2 wheeled empire.

Alas I'm cheap, so when that day does come I'll just settle for the essential trips, but with you(s) nonetheless.



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