Showcase-sunday: Bump, Bump, Bum Bump it Up

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It's no secret that while in high school, students tend to do a lot of stupid sh@t sometimes just for the sake of doing stupid sh%t. And today, I share one of those instances.

Bump, Bump, Bum Bump it Up:

Year: More than a few years back.

Time: After lunchtime.

Location: Who gives a sh#t? Washrooms.

So at the time there was this game that had become like an obssession, a high pursued by all teens and an abomination condemned by teachers, or anyone sane for that matter. It didn't have a specific name, so let's just call it "the game." Cool? Cool!

The objective was fairly simple and straightforward. make each other faint. Yes, you read that right, the whole school had developed a fainting fetish. Some did it to get out of classes, and others just loved the short, yet euphoric daze. But, technicalities. Anywho,


  • Slighly slouch over, then heavily breath in and out 30 times, and right after that, stand upright against the wall while holding your breath.

  • Your friends then squeeze your chest against the wall, and that's when you briefly lose consciousness while they hold you so you don't fall.

  • That's it!

Ready Set Go:

So yeah. One day, my friend, my brother and I decide to play the game, and you guessed it, I was the guinea pig. Of course I'd do it, it's not like I was scared or anything.

So I finish my countdown, get my chest felt up and finally, [insert hello darkness gif.] But then, the next thing I know I'm on the ground, confused af, with my "support" in front of me.

They then immediately rushed to help me up burst out laughing, pointing at how shocked I was, and especially, at how I'd just fallen like a pumped dump.

The Aftermath:

I was furious!! And the angrier I got, the more uncontrollably they laughed. And owh, don't get me started on the bullish headache, or how my head was so knocked up, it was obvious a bump was on it's way.

Light, Bulb, Current- by Comfreak -, CCO

And oh, it gets worse! Lunchtime was ending so now bells were ringing everywhere! In and outside my f√ckin head!

Meanwhile they're still laughing, saying they thought I was only pretending to be unconscious so they let me go. * . * Man I was so in pain, I temporarily let that sh!t go and just went to class. And sure enough, by the time I got to class a new entity had found refuge on my humbled skull. Great!

It was bad! So bad I thought my head would forever stay like that. So bad the nicest teacher in school rightly called Mme Généreuse(Generous) died loling when she saw me, and so bad, that my mom still insists it's the reason I hate getting hair cuts. We agree to disagree.

But we're grown now and life goes on. Besides, it's not like no good came out of the incident. My friend still occasionally brings it up, feels bad, and then insists on buying me food and drinks to make up for it. Though I sometimes suspect it might just be a ruse to get me to drink. Not sure. Will ask him, maybe.

My brother too feels bad, NAAAH!! He never misses an opportunity to bring up the story, and he always makes sure to emphasize on how much agony I was in. Smh Oh well, we've all had our turns.


Alright that's it for this post, good thing those dumb tik tok and snapchat challenges weren't around yet and that experience didn't get to be immortalized on the internet.


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Yeah, everyday I am grateful I was born when I was born and technology didn't record my every fuck up! :)

I feel you, I'm also glad that social media became prevalent after my teen years.