Showcase-sunday: When Was The First Time You Content Created?

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I guess it's safe to assume that the vast majority of hivians are content creators. We've all had our own journeys to reach the point we're each at, had different muses and different crusades but in the end it's all fuel for the craft.

In this post I created about 2 years ago, I go over some of my first content creating days and moments, how I evolved and how I view them now. Enjoy!


Before steem, I'd never considered myself a content creator. Maybe the occasional troll on twitter, sometimes the pretentious thinker on facebook but, never really a content creator. Heck, I didnt even consider myself a content consumer. Go figure! But recently not that recently anymore, mostly thanks to this beautiful yet cruel platform, I've come to terms with the fact that I am indeed one, and am now embracing it.

Light, Bulb, Current- by Comfreak -, CCO

Which back then led me down the rabbit hole that is my memories, trying to see if I had been one all along and if possible, pinpoint when and where it all started. And it turns out that the first content I was ever into creating was ... Drawing!

Yes, I was addicted to drawing from mid primary to S1. I was so into to showing off my skills, and still fascinated by DBZ, I'd spend hours competing with my friends all to determine who could draw the dopest looking Saiyans!

Reality Hits!:

Sadly I sucked at it! Like really really bad. So much so that all my characters had underbites, their limbs were never proportional and honestly, most times they looked like they didn't even want to be there. If you love someone set them free right? I abandoned them and never looked back! Just how selfless can one man be?

Anywho, if you thought this would be a happy ending type of message, I'm sorry to inform you that as soon as I entered high school, my drawing days were over quicker than this punchline came. Still, that period did add a lot of value to my life. Such as; bonding with peers through drawing or similar shenanigans, inspiration for this shitpost and, much more, maybe.

All Along:

Also looking back, I realize I have actually created more content or at least, taken part in more content than initially admitted. From a short play in in 2nd grade revolving around this tongue twister that I can still recite(Kind of.), to crushing it while playing a clown in 4th grade. Presumably a foreshadow of my eventual kidnapping by @comedyopenic's crew. Ransom was eventually paid, I was set free, but sadly I think I may now suffer from Stockholm syndrome.

There were 1 or 2 more performances during high school, and 2 more on prom night. Heck, I even performed in a few plays during the 2005 (or 2006) Africa Haguruka (Africa Arise), a yearly Christian conference, that lasts for 7 days.

Which begs the question, Where my fuckin grammy at damn it! lol In all seriousness though, the trip down memory lane was a fun one. Not only that but, it also revealed that the corny sayings such as; "Everybody is a content creator to a certain extent, if they allow it." Are true. So,yaaay..?

Laurel Wreath - by Clker-Free-Vector-Images - CCO,


All things considered, as brief as those moments were, they did make me feel more alive and nearly unstoppable. Whether through the drawings, or the performances, the thrill in the moment would always be worth the hassles and the angst before the showdowns.

And not only did they make for legendary moments, but they would also help me break out of my shell. Definitely needed them, more than I would ever care to admit. That was before though. Now, am grateful for them, and actually hope for some encores one day.

Sure it can be daunting but, I'd recommend people to experiment with different forms of content through whichever medium they prefer, as they might just get surprised by how liberating and rewarding it can all be. 😉

Well, as all good things must come to an end, so does this collection of flashbacks, and I hope you enjoyed them! But before leaving, tell me how it all started for you. What was the first content you ever created? Did you stick with it? And if not, why?

Curtains Close - by geralt - CCO,



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I still remember creating my first content. It was 10 years ago. I had no audience then was difficult finding an audience. Then 2 years later met a friend who helped me got into copywriting world. I wrote several recipes post in the past. Even today, I am still doing it. Though not often as I used to.

Hello, I am interested in restarting the #killthepad competition. I've been through the old competition posts and I'm contacting anyone who used to participate to see if they would like to get involved again. If so, just visit my blog page and see my latest post. All the best and hope to hear from you.