My Weekly Hair Care Routine with Aloe Vera and Urang-Aring Leaves

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I still use body care for traditional products until today, even though I use modern products too.


Then, Hair care is one of them. Because I wear hijab, my hair becomes dandruff easily and my hair lost because of a moist sclap.

That's why I chose to use natural care product that I can get from my garden easily.


The Instructions

I took urang-aring leaves (eclipta alba) and aloe vera from my garden. Eclipta Alba is good for anti-bacteria so it helps avoid dandruff-causing bacteria in sclap.


Eclipta Alba a.k.a Urang-Aring Leaves

Eclipta Alba is also good for maintaining the color black and hair shine.


The use of aloe vera works to strengthen the hair so it does not fall out easily and is anti-bacterial as well.

So I mixed the two ingredients, then mashed them with a little water.

When the mixture turns black, it can already be used on sclap and hair.

Instructions for use

Rub a mixture of aloeevera and eclipta alba on coconut skin and hair. Massage the sclap, then let stand for 30 minutes before rinsing.

We can use this natural product 1-2 times a week before using shampoo in general.

The benefits I feel are that my sclap is no longer itchy, and my hair becomes more shiny and soft, and it doesn't lost easily.

Thank you, nature!


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Very interesting! We don’t have the first plant you mentioned! What is it in English name?! I’ve got to try some!

Check out on Google Eclipta alba

I love this natural treatment for my hair. :)

Yes! I did find that it’s also a very useful herb for many ailments!

I wonder what makes the two plants turn black when you mix them? Very very intriguing! It’s interesting that you mention that the second plant helps maintain the color black, I wonder if that has anything to do with it. Thanks for sharing your natural hair treatment! As a Lotus curator, the only thing I could say would be to add some citations for the suggested medicinal uses of each herb. Otherwise fantastic post!

Hello, @alchemage

eclipta alba leaves a.k.a urang aring leaves, they will turn black even for the first time the color is green.

Without mix with aloe vera, they will became black if you just mix with water :)

In Indonesia, these leaves so helpful to maintain black color of hair

Thanks for stopping by :)

Oh! That is super interesting. Do you happen to know why they turn black, @anggreklestari?

I should do this too, my hair isn't very healthy right now so I thank you for these tips :)