Attention "Puppet Project in the Community" Change of plans

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**Attention "Puppet Project in the Community" Change of plans

In this publication I will try to explain the future of the puppet project that with a lot of effort and thanks to incredible sponsors I have been able to keep afloat. The covid-19 completely paralyzed the program that should have started two months ago.


Change of course

This means that I will gradually stop making profits through donations from #HIVE users, and will ultimately leave the Fundition platform, the project will continue to exist and through updates I will be accountable for the transparency that has been my trademark. The funds will be obtained through the publications that I will personally generate through my personal blog.


At the moment I have a vote of 4 hive per publication and the average of the publications surpasses 8 or 10 hive, weekly I have the opportunity to handle in theory and depending on the volatility of the hive an amount of 15 to 20USD, 50% I will destine it to the permanent project of workshops of puppets.



Recently I received a 10k hivepower delegation thanks to @eeks with this delegation I leave behind the system of donations to finance, with the delegation I can increase my own hivepower and obtain the capacity to undertake a modest but secure project of curing artistic and ecology related publications.



My intention is to achieve in this first stage the amount of 30k hivepower with this amount I could obtain a monthly base income that would allow to finance in a sustained way the project that from now on will be permanent.

Curate approach

My curatorial approach will be aimed at art publications mainly, because I know the subject, I have 15 years dedicated to art, I can be very detailed with music and photography publications, I will try to open a field for the theater that according to my appreciation is still one of the undervalued arts in the community. I'm putting together a list of new and old users who promote their artistic skills to be taken into account when evaluating them.


Changing the Sense of Curation

I have seen many communities dedicated to the theme of curation, one of them #curie one of the best and in which I was able to grow and be recognized as an outstanding writer, respect in the approach of maintaining an infrastructure and operational costs, my goal is that the delegation does not serve only to cure also should serve to finance social projects of artistic type as "Puppet Workshop in the community" and in a future with own hivepower support the financing of other cultural projects that take the voice of hive outside the borders.


One of the advantages of the community puppet workshop is the ability to educate low-income children about the Blockchain world. I have the hope that financial education begins in childhood and I am sure that hundreds of children will be in the not too distant future those who take the reins of the Blockchain.

If you wish to support with a delegation, please let me know through my discord

To learn more about the project see the following video I made during the first community puppet workshop campaign

Thanks for reading

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Hi @xpliar Do you think you can support me with a delegation, I have changed the sense of the puppet project in the community, moving from donations to delegations to achieve the objectives of maintaining the puppet project will be an achievement. In 1 week I have obtained 25k hivepower that will be used to self-finance the project.

Hi @michealb In this post I explain in more detail what I explained in the memo I sent you.

Hi @darthknight I have tried to contact you to request a delegation for a cultural project I am developing inside and outside the hive platform. In this position you will find relevant information.. If you have a channel to communicate directly with you it would be useful for me.

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Excelente labor la que estas realizando
Exitos Arrosymango

Muchas gracias hermano, vamos poco a poco