Special vegetable leaves, architectural nature

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Special vegetable leaves, architectural nature

I am really fascinated by the great diversity of vegetation that surrounds me, this has allowed me to make different publications dedicated to nature without having to leave the urbanization where I live, the quarantine has had a negative effect but ex as far as productivity is concerned it has been positive, I have been able to maintain an average of two daily publications.


Today the theme will revolve around the shape of the leaves, there are millions of species on the planet, 99% of the leaves are green, and the function is one of the most important in all species, their ability to have nerve terminals that convert sunlight into food, photosynthesis remains one of the most fascinating natural activities that can exist in life.


I will first focus this post on natural genetics and then address the issue of how humans have modified nature for their own benefit.

The leaves as part of the plants suggests a response to the genetic programming that each plant organism possesses, this capacity defines the form of the leaves from there its diversity depending the species may need to have bigger or smaller leaves or in the case of the cactus that does not possess defined leaves although its structure serves to feed itself through photosynthesis, A discovery by the scientific community is foliar morphogenesis, this discovery has served to increase the possibilities of successful genetic crops, the insistence was due to climate changes, foliar morphogenesis allows crops of plant items can be given without any problem despite the climate increases in degrees.


In natural terms plants go through natural selection, in a single plant there are genetic codes, the phenotype acts directly on the shape, size and color of plant species and in turn has a close relationship between genetic material and the environment to this we call genotype, for millions of years and without human interaction plant species have developed without any problem and different types of climates has achieved the variety of millions of species all different but share the same living group.


Man, imposing his dubious intelligence, has altered the ecosystems and with this the artificial selection was born, which he has not only practiced with plant species, but also with analgesics. This is how the different breeds of domestic dogs and cats were formed, and others with feeding purposes such as cows, chickens and sheep. Although these techniques have allowed us to feed and "prosper" as a civilization. The reality is that we have damaged the environment with monocultures or single animal production.


We are doing something wrong. Imagine a biotechnological tool to edit the genome of any cell? This technology exists and is called CRISPR/Cas9. Besides the use of auxin, a vegetable hormone, is widely used to stop or continue the process of leaf growth. Different vegetable production companies use auxin in order to increase the size of certain leaves such as spinach, lettuce, watercress, to increase the size of tomatoes, pineapples, potatoes.



I am strongly against genetic modification for any purpose, there are many studies and many of them hidden from the side effects of the intake of transgenic products, many defend this way of producing due to the environmental threats of climate change, we do not solve the problem, we adapt the plants and animals so that they can develop in these conditions and continue with the lucrative business of food.



Fortunately many non-industrialized countries have this technology, Venezuela is one of them, although part of what we consume is from outside, so we can find edible vegetable oil brought from Brazil which has a precautionary label because it is made with bacteria that genetically modify soybeans, or a nutritious and delicious Cornflakes made with genetically modified corn.



Survival or human annihilation? Plant adaptability or vegetable business?

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