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When you see one of the red roses, you certainly remember one of the famous band groups who have become legendary and will always be remembered in the world of music, namely 'Guns & Rose', do you remember?

Of course!

Because the songs were very well known and became popular at that time, it means that the rose is one of the most famous flowers in the world.

So thus, people often call the rose itself the queen of flowers, why? because he has an important role in everything in all roles especially in,

  1. Poetry
  2. Religion
  3. Art and literature
  4. Music
  5. edicine
  6. Fashion design
  7. Ferfume and home decore
  8. and even in cooking.

This is what made him very famous and popular in the world community.

Various activities of behavior that are utilized from this beautiful flower, this is due to the influence and aura that it contains, so that the rose itself assumes a multi-functional flower as mentioned above.

I personally have read one of the articles published by ", Thursday 13 June 2019" which is about roses and the writing is still neat because I think it is very interesting in all its circumstances and discussions. In that article there were many events, so I concluded that the rose itself became a symbol or logo such as:

  1. Love
  2. Beauty
  3. War
  4. and politics.

The connection with this prevailing application, has existed or has occurred since ancient times, this is proven by one of the extraordinary discoveries, namely the discovery of a fossil rose which is estimated to have existed 35 million years ago, and this has been discussed in the same place in the article Hive blog about a month ago about its past fame, meaning this rose has been used since ancient times by certain people.

So that until now the rose is often used as a symbol that applies according to the times, for example, nowadays when someone gives a rose to a certain person it is someone's heart ambassador for a special person with a specific purpose, when a man gives one of the red roses for a particular person or to a woman, it means love or wanting a relationship to be close and special.

However, some people also send a black rose (if any) so it is a reminder to someone in a state of hatred. However, in my opinion or personally have never seen a black rose in our own ranks, but it is just a description of the description as it is told in a film.

Maybe you also agree with me that, among the many roses that are seen in this hemisphere, the red rose is the one that enjoys doing the most. This is known based on a survey that is often seen in every woman who cultivates them, including white roses, yellow roses, orange roses, pink roses, and red roses which are the most planted and seen in every person's home.

In our region especially our city, almost 80% really women like red roses when compared to other colors.
So below, you will see the results of the field survey entering 2020.

Survey results in the city of Lhokseumawe

SequenteTypes of flowersProsentase
1Red Roses50 %
2Pink Roses15 %
3White Roses13 %
4Yellow Roses10 %
5Orange Roses8 %
6Peach roses4 %

The results of this survey were carried out based on the visions of many residents or the women of Lhokseumawe, based on the number of types seen in flower pots placed in their respective yards.

Especially in our region, especially for mothers who are collecting ornamental plants with various species which are deliberately done in today's situation.

If you come to our city, you will see every house that is always there and you can see that flower plants or women's love for flowers is booming and trending.

Although there are many species of flowers that are collected by women, roses are never absent in every home, especially roses which are very liked and interested by the residents of our city is red roses.

The red or yellow roses that you see in this post are an example of the enthusiasm of the townspeople in the cultivation of ornamental plants.

Thus a brief description of the state of roses from time to time which is always loved by every woman around the world, maybe in the future the red rose will also become the number 1 flower in the world.

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