continue planting rice

in OCD2 months ago

this is the continuation of my current activities. in these 2 days I still plant rice. indeed the rice fields that I planted are not too broad. but because the ones who planted are just me and a friend, it takes a little longer to get ready. I'm sure tomorrow will be ready for planting.




this is the remaining rice seedlings. I think if tomorrow I continue planting. will definitely run out. and I'm very grateful. in 2 days it's raining. this added to my enthusiasm for planting. I plant rice using goat nails. this is a planting tool that I use right now. because it can't if I plant using my bare hands. because the ground still feels a little hard.



I hope this planting is finished.


Planting rice, irrigation is hard job and you need a lot of time for that. I can see the young paddy field looks great...
Thanks for sharing the update...

thank you for taking part in my current activities. I hope what I do now is successful.

Great job. Keep it up.

Goat nail looks neat.

I really love this kind of productivity because it makes us, human and nature can get the benefit from each other. That's how we supposed to do our work. Great pictures!