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Hello to all you #hivers out there, today i'm continuing with a challenge initiated by @tegoshei  the 30-Day Blogging Challenge It's a daily blog challenge that has subjects to follow so here's my entry #19.

HP notebook 9 years old and still running.


Hi guys and gals here's my latest installment of the 30 day challenge and today's topic is screenshots, one each of your computer and phone.

I use two computers so I shall concentrate on my main one a Dell XPS 15. Iv'e had this computer for a couple of years now, it's a great bit of kit 4K touch screen, tons of power stacks of memory and super fast. The main thing I use it for is to edit my photos and for my new obsession Hive.

So down to business a screenshot of my desktop, some folk like to keep everything nicely packaged away and out of sight, not me, my desktop is what could be described as a mess.

Everything in it's place!

Screenshot (26).jpg

At first glance it looks like I just throw stuff anywhere but there is method to my madness, I like to see what i'm working on so there are always a lot of photos on show. On closer inspection you will see there is some semblance of order, Apps on the left, folders at top, underwater photography in the middle and motorcycles to the right. Ordered chaos is probably a fair description, a bit like the desk/table I use as my office/studio.

Messy by design.


You name it it's here, all the things I use on a regular basis, computers, camera lens, face mask, underwater housing and strobe, harddrives, Headphones, books and more. Oh I must remember to give that epoxy glue back to @diveratt.

To keep packing all this stuff away is folly, as soon as it finds itself tucked away out of sight I need it again so this is my little untidy #mancave area of the apartment. I'm one of those people who make a mental photo of where things are so for me this system works, should the wife go on a tidy things away mission it throws my whole world out of balance.

Moving on to my phone, again I have two, a cheap local Filipino one for occasional use and a very old iphone 5s. I have had the 5s for a number of years now, it gets little use but it is my international phone running the same phone number I have had since the early 1990's. I still prefer it to the newer phones that are becoming more like tablets.

I'm old enough to have used the first mobile phones and love the fact that they became smaller now it seems we are going in the other direction. That said it is crazy to see how quickly things changed, Here's my first mobile.

Motorola DynaTAC weighing a kilo and over a foot tall.


These days I rarely find the need for a phone as a lot of my communication is done on the computer but there are a few people I keep in contact with via WhatsApp and when traveling back to the UK it's good to have all my contacts to hand on a phone that's up and running.

So the sceensaver, not much to see here, just a few apps, WhatsApp and instagram plus the usual settings. Here's my wallpaper and screen, the sea slug is one of my photos it's a Nembrotha-kubaryana Nudibrach, oh yeah going all Latin on you people.

iphone 5s before phones became silly big.


There is one app that I do use a fair bit and that's the Windy app, it's a great weather app showing just about anything you could need, wind, rain, waves, temp, air quality and so much more, probably the best weather app I have found.

OK that,s about me done for today, until next time stay safe folks!