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It's so easy to ignore the common things in your garden, here in the tropics we have all sorts of creeping insects and ugly bugs that you tend to not pay them much attention.

Yesterday something caught my eye moving around on the low hanging leaves of one of the #coconut palms on the perimeter of my house. Super bright green I thought it was a preying mantis but on closer inspection it was a grasshopper. I had my camera to hand so snapped off a couple of shots, the results were pretty good, well I like them.

With the naked eye you miss so much of the complexity of these critters, it's armour plating, delicate wings and deadly looking spikes on it's legs were barely visible with my tired old eyes.

Are you looking at me?


The chevron type pattern on it's rear legs looks like it should be painted by a artist, the fact that nature has come up with these is mind blowing. I'm more used to seeing this pattern as road markings or a hip and cool design on surfers boardshorts.

Natures magical artwork.


As I moved around the black spot of the eyes kept following me, if I moved to the back I could see them and also from top and front so I guess this little bugger (see what I did there) has 360 degree vision. For a bit of fun I moved my camera as close as possible to it's front, this made it go a bit cross eyed and gormless looking.

I might look it but i'm not stupid.


From the top you can also see the "pupils".


After taking a number of shots I think it had got bored of me nosing around and started to swing it's menacing spiky leg at me which I took as a bugger off (ha see what I did there again). Not wanting to outstay my welcome I did just as requested and called it a day on the photos.

So it just goes to show we should give the weird and wonderful of our gardens a second look occasionally, they may not be the most hansom of visitors but they are mighty interesting creatures with a highly evolved make up.

OK! I take the warning.


Thanks for taking time to peruse my post, until we meet again stay safe folks and enjoy your garden!


Fantastic images! I'm a firm believer that there is cool wildlife to see everywhere we look, not just in the big nature reserves... there is often plenty to see on literally our own doorsteps (and backyards 😉 )

I keep lists of all the different species I see in my garden... its kinda like trainspotting but a damn sight more interesting!

My favorite place is in the ocean with my camera but for sure there's some cool stuff right on our doorstep if we just bother to look.