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Living in the tropics you have to adapt to all sorts of creepy crawly creatures, the big ones can't be missed but some of the smaller critters get to go about there business with out a second glance. Of course we know they are there but it's a rare day that I get on my hands and knees to take a closer look at a ant today is that rare day. Armed with my Olympus TG camera I thought it would be interesting to see what I could capture with this little device. I own a "proper" camera, Canon DSLR with macro lens and spend a lot of time behind it taking underwater photos, I already know what that's capable of but as I hardly ever use the pocket camera I wanted to put it through it's paces, the results were a mixed bag but on the whole I was quite impressed with it's ability. I didn't have to go too far to find subject matter, all these shots are taken in my garden, i'll start with the largest of the bugs some beautiful Dragonfly's.



OK not award winning photos but considering the tool in use they are pretty good, these guys were about 40mm long, lets go a bit smaller. I got one chance with this cool looking bug before it flew off, I have no idea what it is but i'm guessing some kind of beetle, measuring about 10mm so much colour on something so small.


Now to the really small and probably the biggest challenge for the camera and myself, I wanted to try to capture some ants but on natural ground I found it near impossible so I went back to the house as there are always a few running around on the tiled patio area, running being the operative word, when you are trying to get something so small into frame you need zero movement but these guys wouldn't play ball every time I tried to focus they would disappear out of shot and a game of cat and mouse ensued. I nearly threw in the towel until I saw two little chaps busy dealing with a scrap of something, what this something was became more apparent after I finally managed to get a couple of snaps off, it was the leg of another less fortunate critter.



The first shot although not perfectly framed is the better of the two I was surprised at how well the fine hairs on it's body showed up. Second shot needs depth of field adjusted but it has spurned me on to have another go with this little camera, I think it has a future in my pocket the ease of use and portability has got me excited for what I can get out of it, watch this space.


Thanks for stopping by hope you enjoyed this post, until next time stay safe folks.

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Your photography is beautiful!!!

Thanks it was fun trying out the small camera.

From the depths of the sea, into blooming gardens!)
Great photos!

Thanks dude, we still can't dive so i'm having to find other things to shoot, has been nice to have a change but i am itching to get back in the water.

Wish you good luck, and sooner diving!

Thanks dude, we here the next news on July 4th lets hope it is a positive outcome.


Excellent photos. thanks for sharing.

Thankyou, sometimes you don't have to go far to find some real beauty.