Will I Be Able To Achieve My Dreams?

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Sometimes it looks so easy but other times it seems so difficult and hard to reach. Some days I feel so motivated, inspired and positive about everything....I even get this overwhelming feeling of "I can do it", so I try harder. However, there are days I feel no motivation, no inspiration, with a question of "can I do this?". On days like this I feel tired and drained, doubting and comparing myself with others.

I wish the world can be a better place than it is right now, because no matter how positive I want to sound right now....the world isn't. I wake up to news of different sad things happening all at once which just discourages you. That's the reason I don't like reading or watching the news in the morning, not like it makes any difference though but just for a "good" morning.

It is tiring sometimes, but should we give up? should I give up? should you give up? There is a popular saying that goes thus; "When there is life, there's hope". So we keep moving, we shouldn't get tired. Only when we stop trying or succumb to the self doubts, negativity et al, have we failed.

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Gracias! ❤


We shouldn't let the factors of the world discourage even when we are down. Just give yourself the hope and motivation that you can still do more than this

Yeah, I get you....some days are just like that. Thanks for the encouragement though.

You are welcome

This happens to me every single day even I feel there is nothing left inside me but I guess this is normal. We are human with full of f**king silly emotions....

I guess we all go through days like this most times, things are complicated in the world right now. The emotions we feel are normal though, afterall, we are humans.

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